Watching Golf with Dad

Posted by Winford Tillman

Even before I started working at a country club, I was a golf fan. I had never played the game but my father and brother are avid golfers. Until I began working in the environment, I shared their love of the game by watching the tournaments with my dad on Sundays. When he heard I had accepted a position as director of membership and marketing at a one hundred year old, reputable club where some of his friends were members, he insisted that I learn the game. He even bought me a used set of clubs. I took some lessons but I still have not played an actual round of golf. It has been ten years. I do still watch the tournaments with my dad though. Sometimes before I head over to his neck of the woods I will pull up to see what options we will have when I get there. It is a great way to spend an afternoon with my father who, because of his health, can no longer play the game!

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