If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon


I am an Afro-American and proud of it. If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon.

I am also a forensic nurse. This is not going to be easy to say. The parents of Trayvon Martin and the community should not make a media protest against the legal system. A protest can be made in a personal method. I realize that there a questions about the Sanford Police Department handling of the case. But there are governmental methods to make the protest known.

It is possible the forensic teams, FL State Attorney’s office, U.S. Justice Department, and others may show the shooting of Trayvon Martin as not unjust and not racially motivated. This type of announcement will be difficult to emotionally accept.

If the above announcement is made, this will hurt our Afro-American community when we need to address similar injustices. There have been and will continue to be factual and provable injustices.

If there is an announcement saying that the youth Trayvon Martin’s death in unjust, this will bring some emotional relief to the family and community. This announcement with its investigation could and can be obtain by the governmental and procedural methods established.

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Trayvon Martin’s manner of death

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