Lifescript, heathy living for women (review)


I reviewed women’s health within This site loads quickly and is full of helpful information. The topics include health; diet & fitness; food; life; soul. One area that caught my attention is “Community.” I clicked on the latest comment, “Preventing a Hospital Infection and Other Mishaps.” The author name is given and the comment is reviewed by a medical doctor. I like what the author has written. And I like the fact that readers can make comments. What I do not like is the method of turning pages. We as readers have to click on the “next” link to turn the page. I prefer to be able to scroll down the pages.

I also reviewed women’s health centers within This sub-site deals with topics listed by alphabetical order. Each topic appears to have a video connected. I clicked on the Heart Attack link. The new page contains lots of helpful information. I clicked on the video link. It loads quickly and contain helpful facts.

Overall, I enjoyed reviewing the 2 sites with their respective sub-pages. There appears to be too much advertising on both sites. This advertising relates to the topics, but it is distracting from the main content.


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