CDC and Healthy Aging


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a very nice website. Their mottos are saving lives, protecting people, and saving money through prevention.

The has a subpage titled Healthy Aging. It is packed with information (too much for my seniors). I see Health Aging Topics with a dozen links to topics. I see Interactive Data Tools with its 3 links. There is a Listserv link. There is also contact information.

I am especially interested in subtopics related to senior citizens. I clicked on the “More” link for Enhancing Use of Clinical Preventive Services Among Older Adults: Closing the Gap. It took me to the CDC Features subpage. I see “Clinical Preventive Services for Older Adults.” From here, I see a link to “Injury, Violence, and Safety.” It is not very clear and user-friendly the way the sub-paging is laid out.

Now, I am at CDC Features and subpage Injury, Violence, and Safety. I realize this new page is a general page and not the older adults page. However, I see topics of interest such as Older Drivers (2 separate editions), Elder Abuse (2 separate editions), and Fall Risks for Older Adults.

Even with the CDC site being very large, it can still be made user-friendly, especially for the seniors.

Senior citizens may also be interested in Medicare Supplemental Insurance.

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