Save Our Children, Save Our Society


It has been common belief and practice that the only way to rid society of crime was the execution of offenders. This practice, however, has not had a significant impact in deterring criminal activity. In fact, violent crime seems to be even more proliferative. Studies have shown that the vast majority of violent offenders and serial killers were abused physically and psychologically as children. We must not treat crime as an isolated criminal justice issue, but rather a national public health problem. In order to formulate and institute a better approach to ending violence, attention must be turned to the importance of parenting and socialization of our children. Positive parenting should include the teaching of morals, motives, and social roles. It is also a necessity that we instruct children about their culture and how to live within it. The vital role of the forensic nurse is to utilize the components of nursing, science, and the law collaboratively in order to aid all victims in their medical treatment/recovery, provide proper/pertinent documentation of records for testimony in the apprehension of criminals, and promote programs for crime prevention/public safety. These interventions are the catalysts needed to help eliminate criminal activity, and begin the true healing of our society. References: Forensic Nursing by Virginia A. Lynch Forensic Nursing: a handbook for practice by Rita Hammer, Barbara Moynihan, Elaine M. Pagliaro

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