Guest post from: Natalie Walter.

When we moved to Utah, the air was so much drier than it was back home. I noticed that my skin had gotten really dry and I constantly had a headache. It was going to be about three months before I could get to see a doctor in Salt Lake, so I decided to go and get satellite internet so that I could do some research from home. There are some really great websites that address common health complaints. You do have to be careful that you find a legitimate site like WebMD, or else you can run into horror stories on the internet and cause yourself a lot of anxiety. I ended up searching all of my symptoms. In regards to the headaches, someone suggested on a message board that I may be dehydrated everyday. When you sweat in dry heat, you don’t even really realize that you are hot and sweating because it dries up so quickly. They also suggested that my headaches could be caused by living at a higher altitude. I started drinking two huge bottles of water everyday and low and behold my daily headaches went away. I am still going to see the doctor, but will be sure to check into my complaints next time I can’t make it to the doctor for three months!

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  1. Gene Kenefick Says:

    How do I change the background on my blogspot including sidebars?

  2. John Horsfield Says:

    After reading the great post, I would like to share my opinion – What you do to deal with your hangover the next morning is critical. Be sure to drink lots of water, and a sports drink. You may not feel like it, but they can alleviate the symptoms of dehydration. In case you don’t really feel like drinking a sports drink, consume an orange instead. Force yourself to consume carbohydrates such as pasta or crackers. Also, take more vitamin c and b-complex vitamins. Soon after you’ve had food and drink, go back again to bed and sleep for a couple of hours. When you awaken, have a snack high in protein. Whatever you do, don’t drink more alcohol in the morning. This is an “old wive’s” tale, and can only make the problem worse!

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