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Some of our clients and fellow workers have asked for confidential referrals regarding treatment. They include first responders, forensic nurses, forensic doctors, and other forensic personnel. Non-health professionals and worker also request for referrals. Issues include depression, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, anxiety, grief reaction, and post traumatic stress syndrome. This issue list goes on and on.

One such facility that answers our needs is the Birmingham rehab center. They provide service not only to adults, but also to adolescences. Family members are an integral part of the adolescence’s success in a drug abuse rehab center. Family members are also important in the non-drug abuse treatment programs.

They have programs for professionals such as physicians and lawyers. Their services are confidential. They have an intensive outpatient program, intervention services, and emergency consultations. The emergency consultations are part of their community program and are offered without charge.

Drug abuse is the number two reason for referrals we would make to this center. As a drug abuse rehab center, this is excellent. You may ask what is the number one reason for referrals. Our number one reason would be alcohol abuse. This center is also excellent with alcohol abuse treatment.

This facility boast accreditation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations.

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