Master’s Degree


Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

Ever since getting my masters degree I feel like a weight has been lifted in my life. Now I’m in a new city with new people and everything is extremely exciting. I guess this is a new stage in my life and I should reach out and embrace everything that comes my way. The only thing I need to do now is find a stable job and start making some money. Hopefully, I can tread water for a couple months on the money that I’ve saved from graduation presents and some money my father gave me. I recently moved into a new apartment uptown and besides the noise at night I love it! Since the crime rate is a little higher in this city than what I’m use to my friend mentioned going to and looking at some security options for my new place. I feel like it’s a purchase that I needed to make and I feel more secure knowing that my house is more adequately protected. Now that I know my place is protected I can focus all my energy around looking for a job.


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