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I was planning to move to California because marijuana is legal in this state. Today, I read that marijuana is legal in 17 states (including the District of Columbia). So now I have 16 more reasons to live. I have severe arthritis and pain from a hit-and-run automobile accident. My doctors have prescribed a lot of medications. Some of them work and other do not work. The ones that do work last for a few weeks or months. My family is packing my bags right now. In a few days, marijuana will be giving me some needed relief.

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Medical Marijuana

Legalization of Marijuana; November 2, 2009

Legalization of Marijuana, comment; November 6, 2009

Legalization of Marijuana, comment; February 15, 2010

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4 Responses to “Legalization of Marijuana, comment”

  1. Crass555 Says:

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  2. Elektrische Zahnbuerste Says:

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  3. Elsie Widdowson Says:

    I liked President Reagan during his time. I certainly wouldn”t have trusted him if he spoke to me about marijuana.

  4. judith delgado (@judloved) Says:

    Medical marijuana should be a choice to those that truly need it. My mother has a rare disease and is in pain every single day of her life. I think that it is safer than some of the drugs that doctors want her to take… all those man made drugs are more harmful then weed. She would be more likly to get addicted to those pain medicines and it would be worse for her.

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