On any given week at the hospital that I am employed by there are a number of clients on suicide watch. Many of these clients are also drug abusers, a very small minority have actually attempted suicide.
What brings so many to the hospital is the fact that everyone has to be taken seriously when they say they want to kill themselves. Whether it is the first or twentieth time they have said this.
Recently we had a young drug user hospitalized for stating she wanted to die, she had been cleared by the psychologist and was ready for discharge, when she found out she was not going to be discharged to the facility for rehab she had wanted, and was not going to be given the medication she had wanted once discharged she began crying and said she would jump off the roof. Once again she was given a 1:1 sitter to keep watch on her and the psychologist was re-consulted.
All patients whether we believe they are serious or using suicide as a manipulation, follow the same policy and procedure to assure the safety of those who may want to actually harm themselves. Even though this may be frustrating for all involved it is something that needs to be, if even just for that one client who may truly be in need.

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