Second puzzling case of autism reported, comment


Over the course of five years that I was an infusion nurse in a naturopathic medical clinic, I saw several cases of children with autism. These children often had one or several forms of heavy metal poisoning mercury and other metals. When treated with IV chelation these children improved drastically. Most of the history assessments revealed vaccines as the only source of mercury poisoning that was a definite factor.

During the course of the IV chelation and nutritional IV supplementation that went along with this, colonic irrigation was ordered to rid the body of metals that were being chelated out and adhering to the wall of the colon. Interestingly enough with these colonics, parasitic infestations were sometimes noted. Along with the chelation, natural antiparasitic botanicals and homeopathic remedies were given with an even more profound improvement in childrens behaviors related to the autism occured. So much that I intend on testing my autistic and even ADD and ADHD children not only for heavy metal poisoning but comprehensive stool analysis from a private lab when I start my practice.

It is a shame that alternative and what some refer even to "fringe" type medical treatments cannot be better studied in this country mostly due to non-acceptance my the traditional medical community and government funding for research.

I also feel, not only the mercury factor in vaccinations can be harmful but also live/attenuated viruses can become active in some sensitive individuals and possibly these illnees we are are trying to prevent are manifesting and effecting the brain and this is not detected ever or until after profound damage is done and the vaccine may not even become a consideration.

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November 26, 2009
Title: Second puzzling case of autism reported, comment
As governmental funds for researching the causes and eventual cure of Autism increase, it has naturally gained more attention from the public. I agree that this has its pros and cons. More parents are considering the possible ramifications of dosing their children with multiple vaccines. Parents are becoming more proactive and accountable when it comes to decisions regarding the medical care of their children. It is shedding light on a disease that has been, up until recently, misunderstood by most. On the flip side there isn’t a whole lot of concrete evidence linking autism directly to vaccine administration, yet there is a multitude of evidence that suggests that vaccines have saved lives, prevented the spread of potentially fatal disease and in some cases has eradicated the disease all together. I have a family member that became adamant that her children were never going to receive any type of vaccine – she executed extensive research on vaccines and homeopathic alternatives. To date her children have not received a single vaccine, they take multiple vitamins and herbal supplements on a daily basis and their diet is quite restricted. Sadly and ironically, her 13 year old son was diagnosised with autism at 3 years old.

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July 1, 2009
Title: Second puzzling case of autism reported
Federal health officials at an upcoming conference the controversial cases of a 9-year-old girl who became autistic after receiving numerous vaccinations. In January a 6-year-old girl received a flu vaccine and a week later became ill requiring hospitalization and ultimately died. Study after study has failed to show a link between vaccines and autism but many parents of autistic children claim that childhood vaccinations they received are responsible. In 1986 a National Vaccine injury compensation program was introduced to compensate injured children from vaccines. Many deadly epidemics have been prevented by vaccination. For the parent of a child injured following vaccination, grief and ambivalence would prevail. The questions that continue regarding these very complicated situations cause great concern for parents trying to decide whether to immunize a child.

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