Adverse Drug Reactions and Medication Errors


Review of Pharmacology for Nursing Care, 7th Edition.

Pharmacokinetics, is the study of drug movement throughout the body. You’re able to determine just how fast a drug may have been absorbed and or metabolized. Distribution of a drug throughout the body is determined by the rate of metabolization. Pharmacodynamics the study of what drugs do to the body and how they do it.

These are both very important areas in pharmacology. And they need to be understood. To help give our patients the best possible care that we can and the safest care. This information can also be very important information if a forensic case involving the use or the abuse of certain medications. Effects of certain drugs can be determined by examining the victim and information found at the sceen.
The way drugs interact with each other and with certain individuals is very important to be educationed about. So we can teach our patients and the public the importance of knowing what they are taking and how it will affect them. And to make sure clinically we are up to date. I did not realize the importance of not taking a calcium channel blocker with grapefruit juice, that it would increase the levels of the medication by 40%.

Adverse drug reactions and medication errors. Something you read in the news paper all the time. Adverse drug reactions have also been in the news a lot lately regarding certain stars. And how the did or did not realizing how certain medications will react with each other and what may occur when mixing it with alcohol. Most common reaction we have seen recently has been death. We cannot leave out the information regarding the world icon Michael Jackson and the administration of propol at his home with no proper monitoring of the patient. A tragic event that could have been prevented if the proper procedure for administering the medication was followed.

Within Pharmacology for Nursing Care, 7th Edition, Chapters 4-8 I personally found difficult, I really had to concentrate and visualize in my mind just how a drug moves about in our bodies and is processes. I found the information to be important and very interesting. But I was glad that we did not have to memorize it. I feel I have a good working knowledge and am ready to apply it to my clinical practice.

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