Organ Donation


The question of organ donation at the time of death can be a difficult one for many people to answer, especially if the death was sudden and unexpected. A great deal of sensitivity is needed to effectively approach families with the subject. The manner in which this is conducted has the potential to leave either devastation in its wake or a very positive outcome for all involved. Having experienced this on a personal level made me acutely aware of the need for everyone involved in the process to possess excellent communication skills and empathy for the suffering of others. As a health care professional, I see firsthand the positive outcomes of organ donation. As a family member, hearing that voice on the other end of the phone asking what body parts were willing to be donated and for what purpose, was devastating. We need to create an environment and an atmosphere that supports organ donation and convey that to every survivor’s family with whom we interact. You never know when it might be you.

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