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I do think that substance abuse is out of hand now days. It seems to be so prevalent in today’s society. It seems okay to be able to take pills to "make things better" when there could be other ways for the person to cope. Because of the easy access to prescriptions,we have in a way created this problem in our society. There seem to be alot of people with addictive personalities and unfortunately those are the ones who wind up abusing something that was originally meant to help them. I think that there needs to be stricter laws governing the use of such freely written prescriptions. And there should be other options for those people rather than popping a pill.

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March 26, 2010
Title: Substance Abuse, comment
Substance abuse is out of control. We are quick to medicate for every unpleasant situation in our lives. Screening is very important but not realistic because of the very fine line of functional and abusive behavior. Who makes that decision? If I “popped“ 10 pills every morning just to make it through the day I would be comatose whereas others who don’t take their medication would not even be able to leave their houses.

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December 30, 2009
Title: Substance Abuse
Although there are mild cases, substance abuse can be a major problem that leads to other issues such as child abuse, elder abuse, or sexual assault. These issues are reasons that make substance abuse a serious problem. Substance abusers should put this under control as soon as possible. Alcohol treatment programs are designed to help those that want and need help be successful at this. As a nurse, assessment skills are imperative in diagnosing a substance abuse problem. Skills in the assessment of mental health cannot be forgotten, since they focus on emotional and psychological well being. A good mental health assessment could reveal the underlying problem(s) of substance abuse.

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