Medication Errors


Improving outcomes related to medications errors requires not only the nurse but the entire organization. Attitudes need to change about the acceptability of rushing. Healthcare is big business and rushing patients in and out of the hospital has become a culture imposed on nurses and doctors by the need for increased productivity. Doctors and nurses alike have been forced into boxes about how quickly they should operate. Now because there have been negative outcomes reported regulatory organizations are stepping in, resulting in more demands on clinicians. At some point everyone, including the institution, has to realize that there is no substitute to slowing down. The culture has to permit it and stop making so many demands at one time. Slower has to be good and an acceptable norm again. I know from my own experience that saying "wait I’m not keeping up" or "I need a break" is frown upon, which enables the "now and hurry up" culture in hospitals to continue to proliferate. No one is allowed to take their time anymore even if it would be better for everyone.

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