Mental retardation and abuse


I have always had a passion for individuals with a developmental delay. It makes me shudder at the thought that certain individuals may abuse, neglect or even kill them. Understandably, diseases like Turners Syndrome, Downs Syndrome, and other disorders are horrible. Those individuals will never have the potential that someone without these disorders will. But that is not to say that those individuals will have an input on the world. For example, my mother’s best friend has a son with Downs Syndrome. With his disorder and personal development, it will be hard for him to live alone, so he still lives at home. His mother has been diagnosed with MS and is confined to a wheelchair. Without the help of her son, she would be completely alone. It is not our place to mistreat individuals because we get frustrated or don’t grasp their existence. But on a forensic level, it must be very very hard to understand the causes of death in these individual if cause by abuse and neglect – with their facial deformations and bodily dysfunctions. This is all the more reason for us as individuals with typical development to stand up for these people and advocate for them.

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  1. Solai Luke Says:

    It is a actually engaging article! Thanks for the idea! Together with sincerely Luke aka couchgool.

  2. knichole84 Says:

    Speaking as a woman with Turners Syndrome I’m a bit offended that you categorized this under “mental retardation”. Turners Syndrome has absolutely no effect on mental cognition (only a slight delay in spatial skills).

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