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Police are taught to gather evidence and reconstruct crime scenes, and attorneys are taught to defend or prosecute the parties involved. Neither of these groups, however, can complete their assignments without the help of someone putting the pieces of the client together. This is where the role of the forensic nurse is crucial. Nurses are trained to assess clients from head to toe- critically analyzing every inch of the client. In addition, through comprehensive health histories, we are also able to gather vital information about the client and family members. This information, when coupled with the physical assessment, presents a “whole” picture of not only the client but also possible events leading up to the incident. We are able, when correctly assessing the client, to see causes and effects of lifestyle choices, genetics, and unplanned conditions. This ability and knowledge separates us in many ways from other personnel involved in CSI.

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November 17, 2009
Title: Clinical Scene Investigation and Assessment Skills
In the same vein as TV’s Crime Scene Investigation show, health care organizations are turning to specially trained teams to investigate severe patient incidents. These teams, titled Clinical Scene Investigators (CSI) are responsible for investigating events that result in permanent patient harm or even death. The investigators gather details about the event from the participants and patient charts and may even sequester equipment as the situation warrants. They look at all the details which lead up to the incident, how the situation occurred and then look for opportunities for process improvement. In situations like these, thorough documentation on the healthcare workers part is paramount. Was the caregiver aware of the pending situation and were appropriate actions taken? In addition, the CSI team members must have superior assessment skills, solid investigatory abilities and excellent communication skills. They must be able to paint a picture in order to determine if more investigation is required.

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