Abuse and Neglect of the Elderly


I work as a charge nurse in a long term care facility with 100 residents. Assessing and reporting neglect and abuse are part of my job duties. Documentation and investigation are essential elements of elder abuse, with reporting to the Ombudsmen. We use forms for documenting abuse and neglect. These are what the Ombudsmen receive and are not part of the medical record. Quality improvement review these documents as they are initiated, ensuring thoroughness and making changes to the care plans. I have found it difficult, at times, to distinguish self-inflicted injuries from those committed by staff. Skin of the elderly is so thin that a resident can easily inflict scratches and bruises on themselves. Determining whether the injuries are self-inflicted becomes a function of the investigative process by the nurse, along with reporting. An objective view must be maintained during the assessment. The nurse’s judgment has little baring. I have found this course in Advanced Health Assessment to be an invaluable tool in good assessment skills.

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