Substance Abuse


Although there are mild cases, substance abuse can be a major problem that leads to other issues such as child abuse, elder abuse, or sexual assault. These issues are reasons that make substance abuse a serious problem. Substance abusers should put this under control as soon as possible. Alcohol treatment programs are designed to help those that want and need help be successful at this. As a nurse, assessment skills are imperative in diagnosing a substance abuse problem. Skills in the assessment of mental health cannot be forgotten, since they focus on emotional and psychological well being. A good mental health assessment could reveal the underlying problem(s) of substance abuse.

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  3. kla728 Says:

    This article is very true… substance abuse is often deeply rooted in multiple aspects of a person’s life and this is one of the main reasons it is difficult to fix… if any cause is neglected during treatment, it could be enough to prevent the individual’s recovery. Interesting to see this from a nursing perspective!

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