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This is a very interesting topic. From my experience in pediatrics, I am noticing many parents rejecting immunizations these because of the Autism/Immunization controversy. Others are deciding to do a delayed vaccine schedule because of the belief that injecting numerous viruses into a child’s system at one time may cause harm to the brain, which may be a better solution than no vaccines at all. There are several books, articles and Internet sites supporting the delayed vaccine schedule but just be very selective in the source; not all information is accurate.

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July 1, 2009
Second puzzling autism case reported
Federal health officials at an upcoming conference the controversial cases of a 9-year-old girl who became autistic after receiving numerous vaccinations. In January a 6-year-old girl received a flu vaccine and a week later became ill requiring hospitalization and ultimately died. Study after study has failed to show a link between vaccines and autism but many parents of autistic children claim that childhood vaccinations they received are responsible. In 1986 a National Vaccine injury compensation program was introduced to compensate injured children from vaccines. Many deadly epidemics have been prevented by vaccination. For the parent of a child injured following vaccination, grief and ambivalence would prevail. The questions that continue regarding these very complicated situations cause great concern for parents trying to decide whether to immunize a child.

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