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This post on stalking is an important reminder to ALL providers to conduct a mental health / psychosocial assessment at every pt encounter. Every pt interaction is an opportunity to truly help someone. Many times our patients come to us with a complaint that does not match the presenting s/sx. Upon further investigation (simply by asking few leading questions), we discover they are in our office for other reasons… they are depressed, victims of abuse, victims of stalking, etc. We need to incorporate a quick mh / psychosocial exam at every pt encounter.

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September 2, 2009
Title: Stalking
Stalking is a terrifying thing to have happen to a person. In nursing we need to talk to our patients to see what has been happening in their lives, this way we can get proper services to them. It may be the police, social services, psychiatry, depending on the situation. Many times nurses, doctors, EMT’s are the first people to have contact with a victim or perpetrator and must be aware of what to watch for and who to contact for further intervention.

Legal Services regarding stalking

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