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In nearly all healthcare settings nurses are faced with dealing with some form of forensic matter. Most of the time these matters either goes unnoticed or ignored this is usually due to lack of training. I think all nurses should have some type of forensic training. These programs equip nurses with specialized skills of focusing on details, to name a few, to aid in detecting signs of abuse/neglect regardless of whether the victim is non-verbal due to cognitive status or age. Forensic nurses are able to clue in and recognize behavioral and physical signs that indicate some form of a problem   Also this training provide them with skills of deciphering whether the bruise or fractures are the result of abuse or the disease process and finding clues about the type of weapon used to cause trauma wounds. These nurses are trained in collecting and preserving valuable evidence at the crime scene such, as using care when removing the clothing of a gunshot wound victim, or cleaning a trauma wound. The forensic nurses services encompasses the victim and perpetrator and  these nurses knows the importance of protecting evidence and its usefulness in a court of law, in assisting in determining a verdict and seeing justice served.

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August 7, 2009
Title: The Specialty of Forensic, comment
I completely agree with the below post. Nurses should be prepared to deal with patients who are abused in any way. Patients are provided direct care by nurses thus nurses should be comfortable with assessing the patients for any type of abuse and implementing a plan of care. More information and education regarding different types of abuse, along with signs and symptoms should be provided during nursing school. This would be a great benefit to healthcare since abuse and neglect cases are rising and are often unidentified.

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July 20, 2009
Title: The Specialty of Forensic Nursing
Personally, I think that Forensic Nursing course should be incorporated into all nursing program curriculums, because in most of all healthcare settings nurses are faced dealing with some type of forensic matter; such as abuse/neglect, med errors or injuries. Sometimes these matters do become legal issues. This specialized training equip nurses with knowledge and skills in dealing with different cases that require protecting valuable evidence. Also these nurses are able to clue in on behavior responses or physical changes that may be indicative of some form of abuse/neclect.

Forensic Nursing Introduction Course

Forensic Nursing Certificate Program

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