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I completely agree with the above post. Nurses interact with the patient the most, and provide direct care. Abuse and neglect can be identified and reported easily by nurses if they have specialized assessment skills and knowledge. Since nurses are often the first ones to talk with the patient, for example, in the ER, it is vital that a nurse hold good knowledge and assessment skills regarding different types of abuse. They should also attain proper interviewing skills to help identify patients at risk for any type of abuse. Forensic nurses would be a great attribute to the ERs where assault and abuse cases are commonly seen.

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August 4, 2009
Title: Violence Prevention
Forensic Nurses are in a great position for assisting in reducing the alarming rate of violence in society. Through specialized assessment skills and knowledge hidden/unreported signs of abuse can be identified. Also identifying potential for high risk behavior, such as in domestic abuse cases, which can be a learned behavior for children involved, which places them at risk for violent tendencies, so implementing early prevention strategies to reduce these tendencies.

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