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Let’s be accurate with this medication. Tylenol is a brand name. The medication itself is acetaminophen. There is talk of making extra-strength acetaminophen (500 mg), a prescription drug. It does greatly impact the liver. The public should be aware to never drink alcohol when taking this drug. They must also read labels of all drugs they are taking. Many cold medications contain acetaminophen. If you are already taking this drug for aches and pains and then add cold medicine, you are likely to overdose. The damage to the liver will be irreversible. Not enough precautionary measures have been taken by drug manufacturers or the FDA to promote sufficient consumer awareness.

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May 29, 2009
Title: Over-the-Counter Medications
People should be informed about the risks/dangers of common over the counter drugs. Some common drugs such as Tylenol can be harmful, even potentially lethal when taken in large amounts or overdose causing hepatic necrosis. Until recent years, not much was advertised about Tylenol. I myself had no knowledge of the harmful effects of Tylenol until studying Pharmacology. If people were better informed by the drug companies, injury from otc medications would decrease.

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