Staphlycoccus Scalded Skin Syndrome


While reading through the section on Skin, Hair and Nails, I began thinking about a discussion that was raised in my Microbiology class a few years ago. The discussion that I am referring to deals with SSSS, or Staphlycoccal Scalded Skin Syndrome. My professor displayed a picture of a child who was covered in what appeared to be 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Then one of my peers asked what this child being covered in burns had to do with Microbiology. That’s when he introduced us to the term, Scalded Skin Syndrome, and informed us that this is caused by the bacteria staphlycoccus. He also told us that in the nursing field we would have to be knowledgeable in being able to differentiate between true burns and SSSS so that we did not accuse the innocent and let the guilty go free. It’s hard but if you are at the top of your assessment skills then you should at least be able to take into consideration all of the factors that could lead you one way or the other and help make your decision more accurate.

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