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At what point in time did spanking become abuse. It would have been nice if the writer had defined spanking in this article. Being a father of 2, I have spanked both of my children and never once questioned that what I was doing was wrong. An open-handed slap on the butt and a marching to a corner or one’s room is an appropriate response to certain behaviors. A slap on the hand is very effective, along with some words indicating why the slap occurred. Pulling of hair, punches to the face and stomach, the slamming heads against walls, throwing of objects that cut the face and then being told " I love you"; now that is child abuse. But spanking, come on. And while some children who were abused during childhood turn into abusers themselves, not all do. And who are we to question a society’s following of a religion THAT WE INTRODUCED TO THEM?

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June 4, 2009
Title; Child Abuse in Cultural Diversity Context
While studying the chapter on cultural diversity, it made more sense to elaborate on some aspects of cultural diversity which still has a fine line between child abuse and cultural practise. One significant area is the right of African culture where parents make use of spanking as a means of corrective action or discipline. In Nigeria for instance, spanking takes the form of stroking with sticks,ruler or any linear object. Blending this tradition into the American context is another issue altogether. Law enforcement in America sees this type of traditional practice as child abuse and often send social services and child protective cases after parents. Many African families are in dilemma as to how to raise their children when it comes to drawing the line between discipline and child abuse. On observation so far, many families are forced to send their children back to Africa where the society upholds the saying "spare the rod and spoil the child". In recent social gatherings, African families are still debating over this controversy. They believe that the end result is better off if the parents spank the children rather than have the children sent to juvenile camps when their actions get criminal or turns into felonies. They often cite examples from the Bible as the foundation of wisdom and authority when it comes to raising responsible children in today’s society.

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