Abuse of opioids


Drug abuse associated with opioids is an ever growing problem. Opioids such as coedine, hydrocodone, and merperidine are often misused and the misusers do not know or understand the consequences of their uses. Many people get addicted to these drugs after a surgery or an experience that cause them pain. The medication is no longer used to relieve them of their physical pain, but to give them a "high" feeling or relieve pain they think they have. When first beginning on theses medications, respiratory depression is a serious adverse effect, but with addicts, the risk for this decreases because their bodies begin to tolerate it. People get physically dependent on these drugs and withdrawal symptoms can become severe. Emesis, tremors, weakness and muscle pain can range from mild to severe when going through opioid withdrawal. I strongly believe that prescriptions for these drugs should be monitored more closely to avoid patients becoming addicted.

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