Medication Errors


Medication errors are a major problem in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics everywhere. There are many steps taken to avoid these errors, but they still happen. It can be an accident which could cost a person their life. Nurses need to be sure and follow the steps to avoid making errors and listen to the patients concerns about a medication. I have had a first hand experience with being given a wrong medication. I have a severe allergy to penicillins. I repeatedly told the nurse and the doctor about it and even witnessed the nurse close the medication allergy alert that popped up on the computer screen. When I questioned the nurse about the medication she told me that it was not in the penicillin "family." I went home, took the medication and ended up in the emergency room. If the nurse and doctor would have taken the time to listen to what I was saying my trip to the ER could have be avoided. The nurse always should be an advocate for the patient and always check whatever it is the patient is questioning.

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