Would Forensic Nurses make a difference?


If I wanted to create terrorists, what would be the best way to go about it? Possibly torturing and trying to justify that behavior when we criticized other countries for the same behaviors….maybe invading a country that did not provoke attack and torturing their countrymen. Maybe another means might be involving ourselves in a social fabric that has existed for thousands of years and hoping to politically change them through torture, coercion and unfair detention with no legal representation or repercussions. While being detained at Gitmo, who cared for the detainees? Were there nurses present, or even available? If so, are they subject to the same code of behavior as their civilian cohorts? Or were the detainees attended by corpsmen? Does the same code of ethics rule military nurses as civilian nurses or like all things military, does the military law and code of ethics take precedent? If there were nurses there, were they so frightened by the events of 9/11 that they approved of interrogation methods that were obviously inhuman? Does the military utilize nurses trained in forensics? Does that not sound like a great idea if they don’t? If they are not utilized with the medical services, are they involved with the military police or intelligence? An unfortunate chapter that mars the greatness of the US could have greatly been improved by forensic nurses with enough rank to influence the treatment of the prisoners of war.

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