Cultural Competency in the Mexican Culture: Understanding La Curandero


La Curandero (male) or curandera (female) is a term used to describe a religious specialist who uses supernatural power in curing. Though discriminated and rejected by many in the medical community and non-Hispanic cultures, curanderos are highly respected, religious, spiritual healers in traditional Mexican communities. Curanderos believe that most illnesses originate from God, evil spirits, or curses. They incorporate the use of herbs, natural remedies, rituals, prayers, songs, and ceremonies to heal the sick. Cultural competency allows the forensic nurse to recognize the benefits of spiritual and emotional healing by the curandero, and develop a cohesive relationship while clients receive modern medical care. It is imperative that these diverse entities work in conjunction with each other in order to successfully attend to and obtain positive outcomes regarding the holistic needs of this culture. References:

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