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I couldn’t agree more that over the counter medications can be very dangerous. Most people do not realize that overdosing on Tylenol is irreversible and deadly. By the time you start to feel sick, it is generally too late to get any treatment as your liver has been destroyed. It is a very slow, painful death and not the kind of death most suicides envisioned. They believe it will happen quickly but just the opposite is true. They do not get sick right away as it takes time for the liver to slowly die. Many times, days pass and the idea of suicide is long gone but the effects of the Tylenol are not. Even in situations where suicide is not the plan but an accidental overdose happens when a parent is tired, taking care of a sick child and simply makes a mistake with dosing. It is vital to NEVER change the dose of Tylenol given to a child from what your doctor suggests. There are several different forms that it comes in,for infants and for children,and it is imperative to read the directions. Sometimes, drugs are marketed together in a cold medicine and if parents are unaware of the combination drug, they can easily overdose their child by giving the cold medicine (containing Tylenol) and following with a dose of Tylenol. Always read the directions before giving medications!

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May 29, 2009
Title; Over the Counter Medications
People should be informed about the risks/dangers of common over the counter drugs. Some common drugs such as Tylenol can be harmful, even potentially lethal when taken in large amounts or overdose causing hepatic necrosis. Until recent years, not much was advertised about Tylenol. I myself had no knowledge of the harmful effects of Tylenol until studying Pharmacology. If people were better informed by the drug companies, injury from otc medications would decrease.

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