Forensic Science


Forensics have long been used, but have largely gone unnoticed by the public until shows like CSI, or NCIS began showing on television. Although they are not completely accurate and should not be used as yardstick for reality, it has given the public a chance to see what the science is and how it is applied. “Forensic science has shaped the world of justice, fueling crime investigations and signifying the progress of modern technology. Forensic science of today covers : * Modern computer/clay facial reconstruction; * DNA fingerprinting; * Autopsy techniques; * Forensic anthropology; * Toxicology and much more. What more reliable method is there to prove innocence or guilt other than through science?” This is from a web site called Forensic Science. People are becoming more aware that these things can be traced, investigated and truth concluded from there results Evidence that is gathered and processed per protocols is considered gospel. Evidence that is mishandled, mislabeled, or not taken care of according to standard protocol is viewed with suspicion and distrust. As well it should be. What is fairly interesting is that the same people that believe in someone’s innocence or guilt, as determined by DNA, continue to argue creationism versus evolution. Despite evidence to the contrary, people still want to believe that women sprang from Adam’s rib. Or that reincarnation will continue until we become all that we can be. Or that you will be provided with 22 virgins after becoming a martyr. Don’t all these things smack of magic? Why is it easier to believe in magic than physical evidence? But whatever people believe spiritually, they don’t seem to have any problems in believing the religion of DNA garnered through forensic means. Strange, isn’t it?

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