Substance and Dug Abuse


many people not just patients but nurses and doctors, sometimes have a problem with drug/substance abuse. drug abuse is the use of a drug in a fashion inconsistent with medical or social norms. substance abuse doesn’t always have to be a pharmacological drug, it could be alcohol or even street drugs. there are many different categories of abused drugs, but opioids are probably the most abused. i have seen it time and time again patients who have to have the pain shot even hour. in my experience working at a hospital patients are always calling for pain shot, yet the nurses sometimes refuse to give the medication. it states in the board of nursing book, that pain is what ever the patient says it is. but then i have seen nurses that steal the narcotics from patient for personal benefit, and they are no longer working for my hospital. so the problem with substance abuse doesn’t always lie with the patient it could be a teenager who decided to high and take to many psychedelics, or methamphetamine’s. the options kids have today is endless. the problem is rising with the creation of many different drugs everyday. for people who work in the medical field their is a act that protects you from losing your license in the event you have a problem, seek rehab.

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