Avoidable Occupational Injuries


Nursing as a profession is very versatile. This area of health service also has it’s share of fulfillment and frustrations. One quick reference or case in point is in the area of training and education of new graduates of nursing. Most organizations are quick to put their trainees on the floor in order to avoid much expenses. One observed an incident where a preceptor did not participate in a return demonstration from the orientee. At the end of that training instruction, the orientee went to implement a procedure without the expected conclusion, which resulted in a spill of blood and urine on the orientee. In another facility, other new graduates were appalled at the number of times these accidents could have been avoided if the return demonstration were properly supervised to its completion. This area of training (demonstration) should be given adequate time and attention so as to avoid unnecessary occupational injuries. This also helps in the long run quality control analysis and measures for any organization.

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