Medication Errors


Before I started this Nursing Pharmacotherapeutics program I never really paid much attention to medications. If I had a headache I took a couple of pills and it went away. If I had a backache I took another pill and it went away. When I visited the doctor for any kind of medical problem I got a prescription. I never really worried about the therapeutic effect, adverse effects, interactions with other medications, or even if there where any contraindications. Boy, have I been in the dark… my eyes are wide open now! Pharmacotherapeutics taught by Dr. Johnson really puts a handle on the subject. It just goes to show once again how important a nurses role is in patient care. We are the patient advocate, we are the ones who have to make sure they are reciveing the correct medication and for the right reason. That is a huge responsibilty… So, I can just imagine in the rhealm of Forensic Nursing how medication errors would impact the victim and their family, the damage is already done and they have to figure out what happened. Could it be that this new side of nursing will save lives in the long run? I say yes it will, maybe nurses and doctors will be more careful when writing or giving medications just based on the mere fact that they would not want to be investigated. What an interesting career, the testing, the investigation, and the outcome of figuring out what happened to a particular victim.

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