I am not a forensic nurse. I was called to give a deposition. I thought I was prepared because of watching many court shows on television. Everything was drastically different! When I left the deposition, my body felt like it was ran over my a Mac truck. I was in tears and I could not function for the rest of the day. Prior to my deposition, I wished I had known you were available to help me prepare. Actually I did not know I needed to prepare. More healthcare workers should know that your services exist and that they should prepare for depositions.

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May 20, 2009
Title: Forensic Nursing Education Consulting, comment
Yes, our organization provides consulting about Forensic Nursing
education. Consulting is provided in-person and/or online. Some of the
most prominent areas include
1. testifying as a forensic nurse
2. depositions
3. overcoming stage fright
4. courtroom testimony

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May 18, 2009
Title: Forensic Nursing Education Consulting
Does your organization provide consulting about Forensic Nursing education?

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