Human Rights


Human rights advocates for health care organizations and forensic scientists to work together to have an impact on the world’s moral code of ethics. So these disciplines are able to address violence and human rights violations. Genocide is distinguishable from other crimes by the motivation hehind it. It is any act that has the intent to destroy, in whole or in part a national ethnic, racial or religious group. Where as torture is more aimed at an individual to obtain informatiion by inflecting pain and or suffering. Torture is not sanctioned by the goverment of the United states but in other countries such as, China and India these countries are still known as human rights abusers. Due to torture and having survivors which need rehabilitation, nursing played a role in establishing gloval rehabilitation centers. The Rocky Mountain Survivors Center (RMSC) for victims of torture, was organized in Denever, Colorado. Human rights classification have been addressed through the center, by raising the awareness of the forensic nurse role in documentation of torture and evaluation of the injury related to torture. The center provides information, conseling and supportive services for survivors of torture and their families. The center provides training and education to health care providers who deal with survivors and their families. In light of a need for these services the health and justice communities are recruiting and training nurses to education and care for countries world wide.

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