Using the Internet to Assist in End of Life Decisions


After reading one previous posting it brought me back to a situation that had occurred about 4 years ago.  A close friend of mine died unexpectedly at the age of 35.  After her husband had been told that she was not going to make it he was faced with the very tough decision about organ donation. Unfortunately, he was so overwhelmed and emotional at the time that he denied organ donation.  Knowing my friend and how caring and giving she was I believe if she had the chance to make the decision she would have donated.

I believe that a short question on the back of a license is not enough for people to become organ donors.  Having detailed information available on the Internet gives much needed information about the process so people can make an educated decision prior to a crisis.  This also takes the burden off the family if individuals make the decision for them.  End of life is such an emotional time especially if it is unexpected; it is our duty as individuals to help our families by making the tough decisions about our own care for them.

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