Forensic Evidence in Ramsey Case: Investigating the Unsolved Case of JonBenet Ramsey


After reading the article on the Ramsey case, I was left with a felling of disappointment in our criminal justice system.  It was apparent that a 6 year old was sexually assaulted based on the DNA trace evidence.  Body fluids were analyzed, blood and buccal samples were taken, in order to compare DNA with relatives and other people.  None of this evidnece pointed towards the Ramsey’s.  A lot of the evidence was contaminated by both parents, friends and relatives.  This cross contamination of trace evidence created a lot of problems in the case.  Forensic experts analyzed the handwriting on the ransom note, since no two people have the same writing style.  The note was found to be a bit odd, since there were conflicting writing styles with in the note.  It is the experts belief that it was done on purpose, to throw them off.  Shoe prints were found at the scene and investigators were able to identify the shoe size, but again, so many people contaminatedt he scene, they can’t be sure that it was the murders foot print.
I feel this case ended up being over publicized, and many poor choices and mistakes were made during the investigation, by parents, police, and investigators.  The case was never solved, which is unfortunate for the Ramsey’s.  They lost their child, and due to the ineptofficers involved, they will never be able to put this grief to rest and find closure.  It is so imperative that procedures msut be followed at all times, or our victims suffer twice. Jan. 1,  2009

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