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Naturopathic physicians who perform clinical interventions need to be aware of the possibility of illegal drug use and drug abuse by their patients, prior to embarking on a treatment protocol.
Certain medications and overdosed supplement can alter the body’s response to naturopathic therapies and prevent the patient from remembering specific instructions, which can lead to ineffective outcomes and possible complications, including possible litigation. Naturopathic physicians need to be aware of the clinical manifestations of inappropriate drug use drugs interactions as they perform their histories and physical examinations, since many patients are either afraid or embarrassed to reveal that they are using recreational herbal formulas in their medical histories.
People always think that natural products are safer than conventional medications, and they have not much side effects whatsoever. This is totally wrong, as semi-natural or all-natural compounds can be as dangerous as chemically made compounds. Botanicals may alter drug Biotransformation and it also may alter other drugs interactions. Many of these over- dosed substances may have toxic element components that are part of the drug manufacturing process. This can affect the patient’s overall general health in addition to the drug reactions stemming from the recreational use of these substances.

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March 16, 2009
Drug abuse Substance abuse is the number one national health problem, causing more deaths, illness, and disabilities then any other health condition.So, whom does this affect and why is it important for the forensic nurse to be aware of substance abuse history. It can affect anyone, neonates can die from a mothers drug abuse, children and spouses, strangers can be beaten to death by an abuser. The abuser can die from substance abuse, mixing of medications, the list is endless. I wonder how many deaths are actually investigated for potential abuse or is the victim actually written off as dying of natural causes. How important is this anyway, if we are to change the system and teach the population the dangers of abuse it is critical that we have the facts.

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