Medication Errors


I can still remember my first med error!!! Its potential consequences made such an impression on me that in my 40 yrs of practice I can count the number of errors on 1 hand and to me that is too many! No sentinel events created by my errors but developement of better nursing practices and forms were initiated by me after those errors. I have just brought this nursing dept up on eMAR…goal of course as with all EMR’s is realtime, at the bedside documentation. This has not been the practice here…so workflow review, education and revamping was a major undertaking for both clin doc and now eMAR. I expected huge amounts of errors because staff was not used to confines of the eMAR if they were even 1 minute late with med administration. I am happy to report however at least for last week I have only found 2 instances of not administrating/documenting on current patients. Have not done an audit eMAR history on patients discharged from 22 March until 1 April. All those classes, tipsheets, reviews and practice scenarios paid off!!!

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