Chronic Inflammation

In terms of forensic pathology, keeping on eye on chronic inflammation can help during an autopsy that is done on a deceased person. If cause of death is to be determined it could possible be traced back to a chronic inflammation due to prolonged exposure to potentially toxic agents. An example of this would be exposure to silica which when inhaled can result in inflammatory lung disease called silicosis. This information would be very important for a coroner to know because it would be able to find the cause of death due to prolonged exposure to such toxins. If people were exposed to these toxins in factories, workshops, etc… then a cause of death would be able to be established and the family would be able to fight back due to the long exposure to this chemical if need be. I would have never thought that prolonged exposure to certain chemicals could produce a chronic inflammation and this is very important information for me to know because I am going to work in the medical field and this is something that can be useful in a history of a patient if there is some kind of infection going on.

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