Lowering the Risk in Suicide


Much has been said about assessment for suicidal tendencies. However, there is an upside in all the chaos. During the evaluation, one must also consider positive enforcements that actually help lower the risk of suicide. They are as follows: a. Family and friend support system b. Significant relationships (marital and non-marital) c. Children under the age of 18 living at home d. Employment e. Religious beliefs, culture, ethnicity f. Physical health g. Hopefulness, problem-solving, coping skills, cognitive flexibility h. Plans for the future i. Constructive use of leisure time j. Treatment and medication possibilities k. The propensity to seek treatment and maintain it when needed; the stigma of mental health help is not as great now as it was ten years ago. References Lynch, Virginia A. and Duval, Janet Barber. (2006). Forensic Nursing. St. Louis: Elsevier Mosby

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