Successful Collaboration equals successful forensic nursing process, comment


I agree that there must be a successful collaboration between the judicial system, law enforcement agencies, social services, and healthcare providers. Each person who is in the specific system is certainly a vital link in the chain. This link in the chain can not be broken and each person should respectfully carry out there duties to serve the public when violence, abuse, neglect, or exploitation is considered. There are chains of commands that are also in place and must be followed so that each case is considered individual and guidelines are followed. Broken chain of command or custody is the reason that cases are sometimes dismissed in court cases. Everyone involved must act professional and in a timely manner so that each different case can be a good outcome for the individual involved. Naturopathic physicians and healthcare providers will also be involved in the collaboration and I think this is vital, as we will be educating communities and individuals that we come into contact with.

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October 7, 2008
In order for successful forensic nursing interventions to occur in the healthcare setting, there must be a successful collaboration between law enforcement, judicial systems, social support systems, and healthcare providers. Each form vital links to the chain of justice that must be afforded to every individual impacted by trauma directly or indirectly related to violence, abuse, neglect, maltreatment, or exploitation.


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