Contrast of forensic nursing and public and community health nursing


Forensic nursing, literally meaning nursing as it pertains to the law, combines the health care industry with the judicial system. It is a fairly new specialty of nursing that involves providing care to victims of crime and patients within the prison system. Forensic nurses not only provide direct care to victims, but also collect evidence for law enforcement agencies. The term “forensic nursing” was coined in 1992 and the American Nurses Association officially recognized the field beginning in 1995. The professional organization for forensic nursing is the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN). IAFN has more than 2,400 in the United States and abroad. Community and public health nursing in contrast has a long rich history. The National Organization for Public Nursing founded in 1912 provided essential leadership and coordination of community and public nursing. The field of nursing continues ever evolving and diverse. (Stanhope: Community and Public Nursing Chapter 2)

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