Sexual Assault Homicides


It is interesting to note that 44% of sex-related homicides are committed by family members and about one third of these are spouses. This is shocking. Domestic violence laws have come a long way over the past twenty years in this country, but still, the unwillingness of the victim to leave such a situation is heart-breaking. These crimes are said to be repetitive, serious and shocking with the offenders carefully covering their tracks. Of course, the victims have been intimidated and threatened into submission and fear for their lives; this is why they do not flee. They believe they cannot exist without the spouse or significant other in their life. Indeed, these malicious individuals are sexual predators that must be brought to justice. Emergency department nurses need to take a more active stand when victims come in with injuries before the violent outbursts escalate to stop this senseless cruelty. This Forensic Nursing course has opened my eyes to a lot of information. I am much more careful about my documentation and openly direct and blunt with my patients. If I can save one individual, I feel I have done my job. References Lynch, Virginia A. and Duval, Janet Barber. (2006). Forensic Nursing. St. Louis: Elsevier Mosby

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