Murder Intent


I found a section of the reading very interesting that pertained to the intent of murder. Profiling and murder and investigation are very much a science. I was stunned to learn the precise causative factors of the “why” and “wherefores” of how one individual could take another’s life. According to the text, when one person is murdered, the criminal intent is probably for an insurance collection or contract killing. The emotional or specific causes are: – Self-defense – Compassion, such as mercy killings – Family violence – Paranoid reaction – Emotional disorder – Assassination – Religious – Cult activity – Fanatical reaction. It the crime was sexually motivated the following play into the murder: – Rape and other sexual activity – Mutilation – Dismemberment – Evisceration. A murder that involves two or more victims is usually gang related, competition or politically motivated. The emotional or specific causes and the sexually motivated actions remain the same as above. References Lynch, Virginia A. and Duval, Janet Barber. (2006). Forensic Nursing. St. Louis: Elsevier Mosby

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