Crisis Response


If I understood the concept, the author Lynch (in Forensic Nursing) suggests there is a coordinated response with hospital security, the crisis response team, or the police. The members of this team should have training so they can respond safely to an incident. At the hospital I work, this concept strikes me as extremely amusing, our security is comprised of approximately half Navajo women, and half retired or semi retired men which dose not exactly inspire confidence. If the local police department even has a SWAT team much less someone trained in crisis management, I would be surprised. In our area the most likely scenario is a coordinated effect comprised of upper management and law enforcement. We have already had an employee with a gun who planned to shoot several ICU nurses. Needless to say the situation was defused without incident. But to say that there is routine or even infrequent training for the employees to recognize critical situation would be ludicrous.

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