Forensic Nursing Certification


As an ED nurse, I take great pride in my profession. I have always strived to educate myself and maintain my CEUs. I have been a long-time CEN and have encouraged my fellow co-workers to also sit for the credentialing. I am also TNCC, EPNC, RRT and TNCC certified. I look forward to the challenge of learning about forensic nursing and the preservation of evidence. I have no problem caring for these individuals, as I believe I have achieved the empathy aspect. I just need to learn how to protect their best interests. I contacted the local State Troopers before I learned about the existence of this program for some pointers, but they were not at all helpful. I would think that legal and medical should have a close working relationship. HIPPA regulations have put up a big barrier, I think, in that many people are afraid to give out any sort of information for fear of being cited. Case in point, one night, the SPs came into the ED, searching for someone, and threatened to arrest the MD and charge nurse on duty since they would not give out any information. I wish there was a resolution to this problem.


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