Forensic Nursing – Real Life


Having worked in the ED for many years, I have had the opportunity to witness the inhumanity of acts of random violence to our fellow neighbors. Some of it is abhorrent, some I will never forget. I left the ED for 7 years and went into Case Mgmt because of it, but the lure of clinical nursing was too much to resist. I see forensic nursing as a great learning opportunity. I can see where we may have “messed up” on some potential cases. For example, I have personally taken care of many date-rape victims, truly suspecting Rohypnol as the culprit just by the way these poor girls were acting. Back then, of course, we automatically called the police agencies and advocacy groups in right away because HIPPA was not an issue. Now however, I need to learn the fine lines of not only HIPPA, but also how to truly preserve the evidence and advocate for the patient.



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